Hey spring! You’ve decided to come back, and we are welcoming you with open ] arms after the post-apocalyptic February we had. We live in the Pacific Northwest and are just not built for more than 2 inches of snow. It’s just not safe, okay mother nature?!

Needless to say, spring is finally here in all her glory and we are ecstatic!  Here are some quick tips to freshen up your house and yard this spring:

1. When cleaning your house, clean from the top down.  Why is this?  Starting with the ceiling and vents force dust to the ground, which will prevent you from having to vacuum and mop the floors a second time.

2. Wash those windows!  Get yourself a high-quality microfiber rag, wet it (with just water) and go to town (it’s best to fold it into a square and then use each side to prevent spreading the dirt around).  Don’t be surprised if your windows shine with more glory than they ever have before.  And yes, you read correctly – you do not need product.

3. Make room for your warm weather wear and pack away winter clothes.  We recommend using compression storage bags, as you’ll be able to fit more clothing into a storage bin.  Or just #mariekondo your wardrobe and that’ll really make room in your closet.

4. Lay down some fresh bark in your beds.  It’ll make your landscaping look extra fresh and beautiful all season long.

Terell Weg, President