By: Terell Weg

At the beginning of each year, my company sets a theme to provide focus to the goals we want to achieve. For 2019, we have chosen the theme Peak Performance.

When I think of Peak Performance, I think of elite athletes. Do you ever wonder how they are able to perform at their very best abilities in moments where it matters most? From the Olympics to the Super Bowl, we witness greatness as the pressure mounts. How do they do it? How does anyone do it? By following these tips you’ll discover and define what peak performance looks like for you.

Keep It Routine: Having a daily routine is key to reaching your peak performance. Why? Routines help to build consistency and, when you’re consistent in doing something, you become more confident in your ability to do it– whatever it may be. Not only that, but keeping a routine, such as going to bed or waking up at the same time each day, can positively impact your health and wellness– ultimately leading to better performance overall.

Find Your True Focus: Once you have a routine in place and your life is a bit more balanced, the next step is to find your true focus. What goal are you trying to reach? Whatever it is, keep it simple! The more complex the goal, the more in the weeds we find ourselves, and the easier it is to get distracted or give up. We live in a world of distractions so it’s important not to waste time on anything that’s not serving you and your overall true focus.

List Out Your Goals: How will you know that you’ve reached peak performance if you don’t set goals along the way? Start with your big goals, 5-10 years in the future. Imagine that goal is you reaching your peak performance. Then, reverse engineer your way back with annual goals. For the current year you’re in, make sure to reverse engineer all the way back to quarterly, monthly, and daily goals. Be rigorous, create goals that move you forward each day to reach the pinnacle of peak performance.

Take Breaks as Needed: As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t push yourself to the point where you’re not sleeping, eating, or taking care of yourself just so you can reach your peak performance. In fact, you’ll end up doing the opposite! Rest is something in this day and age we don’t do well and it limits our performance. So take a walk, do yoga, watch Netflix, catch up with friends, etc. This is a healthy way to allow your brain to rest and refuel. With rest comes newfound clarity to forge ahead with a renewed spirit!

Have an Open Mind: No world-class athlete, musician, or artist knew everything about their profession from the start. In fact, many people lean on mentors and other educators who help them along the way. It’s okay to not have all the answers– if you’re struggling to reach a certain goal or your brain is a bit fuzzy on a focus, ask for help! Understand that there may be other paths and other ways to reach your peak performance. Having the flexibility to change course as needed is vital.

Peak performance is different for everyone, as we’ve all been given unique gifts. While it’s not an overnight journey to the top, it’s one that will give you a path both personally and professionally. Make a commitment in this new year to find your peak performance so you can achieve purpose in your life and perhaps the greatest success you’ve ever known.