MSNW President Terell Weg Nominated As One Of Whatcom County’s Top 7 Under 40 Business People

FROM THE BELLINGHAM BUSINESS JOURNAL  These seven individuals represent the future of business in Bellingham. The finalists of the 2019 Top 7 Under 40 have been selected. For the fourth year community members nominated business and community leaders. A selection committee comprised of representatives from The Bellingham Business Journal, Bellingham [...]

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90 Day Burn

Here we are, you have 90 days left in this year. 90 days left to make an impact, to meet the goals you set out to accomplish. To be the “new you.” Like so many people, you may have forgotten the goals set back in Q1. Don’t look back. Let’s [...]

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MSNW Group, LLC Wins 3 Awards in 2019

Ferndale, WA —MSNW has been recognized for multiple prestigious business awards this quarter. Last month, our executive team visited Pittsburgh to attend the ASCA Executive Summit and SNOW Magazine Award Ceremony. MSNW was featured on the National Top 100 Snow Contractors list for 2019—out of the 100 companies listed, MSNW [...]

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11 Reasons Why Preventative Maintenance Is Essential For Any Facility

There are many hidden costs associated with delaying preventative maintenance at your facility. Damages are often more expensive to repair than implementing a preventive maintenance program. We compiled a list of common cost-saving opportunities we help customers realize with our preventative maintenance inspection program: Trip Hazards: Elevation changes in concrete, [...]

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Spring Has Sprung!

Hey spring! You’ve decided to come back, and we are welcoming you with open ] arms after the post-apocalyptic February we had. We live in the Pacific Northwest and are just not built for more than 2 inches of snow. It’s just not safe, okay mother nature?! Needless to say, [...]

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MSNW Group, LLC Announces New President Terell Weg

MSNW Group LLC has named Terell Weg, CBSE as the new president of the company.  Weg will succeed Janelle Bruland in the role.  Bruland, who founded then Management Services Northwest in 1995 and has served as President and CEO since the company’s inception, will continue as CEO in 2019 and [...]

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Janelle Bruland Wins BSCAI James E. Purcell Leadership Award

Ferndale, WA, November 29, 2018 – Janelle Bruland, CEO of MSNW Group, LLC, has been awarded the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) 2018 James E. Purcell Leadership Award. “It is a tremendous honor to receive the prestigious James E. Purcell Leadership Award, and I am humbled to follow in the footsteps [...]

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