Giving is not an option, but a responsibility

The folks here at MSNW are more than employees, they are citizens of small communities and of the world at large. We care about our surrounding community and we want to ensure our workflow is helping our wonderful environment. From our commitment to using green and sustainable products to our passion in taking care of facilities as if they’re our own, we are dedicated, determined, and always here for you.

“At MSNW, I have surrounded myself with a team who also shares this spirit of philanthropy. We have team members who volunteer their time, in their children’s schools, churches, and any number of community programs. Together at MSNW we have cleaned homes and yards, completed building projects, and sponsored community events. One of the highlights in the last few years was helping a local Womencare Shelter by hosting their annual auction. We had over 40 MSNW volunteers give of their time to ensure women and children had an opportunity for a fresh start.”

– Janelle Bruland

Cleaning for a Reason

MSNW is a proud member of Cleaning for a Reason, a nonprofit organization serving both the U.S. and Canada. The organization’s mission is to give the gift of free house cleaning to women undergoing any type of cancer treatment. We believe it’s an admirable mission and there is no greater good that we can do on this planet other than to help one another.